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Boost Google CTR

Increase CTR for ANY Keyword & Boost Google Rankings

Increase Time on Site

Boost Dwell time & Duration of visit PLUS Reduce Bounce Rate

Mobile & Desktop

Send User Engagement Signals from Desktop & Mobile Devices

Boost Local searches

Increase Google Map Click Through Rate for Businesses

Boost YouTube CTR

Increase CTR for ANY Video & Boost YouTube Rankings

Direct Video Views

Increase video views, Video hits and Duration Time watched

RankBrain Is A Vital Influential Ranking Factor

RankBrain is one of the Top 3 Ranking Factors that takes into account User Experience. It monitors User Behavioural Signals (Click Through Rate, Bounce Rate, Dwell Time, and Pogo Sticking)

CTR Booster Helps you Rank Sites in Google by allowing you to take Control over these Signals

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When wanting to Rank in Google - Links and Content are amongst the Top Ranking factors

This over-shadows less obvious yet still crucial factors such as user behavioural metrics

Google wants to see :

  • How often your listing is clicked on
  • How long users remain on your site
  • The bounce rate of your site
  • If users return to your site
  • Are visits being done on mobile or desktop devices
  • Plus More

This data is known as User Behavioural Data which is a key part of what RankBrain monitors.

RankBrain is the 3rd most Influential Ranking Factor

If you want to RANK in Google then you need to send the right signals that RankBrain wants to see

CTR Booster allows you to boost User Behavioural Data for ANY Keyword so to send Google the right signals to Rank your site higher in the search engines.

You will be able to perform Google search & clicks and Boost the CTR for ANY keyword

Dwell time is how long a user spends on the website after clicking the result.
This metric is incredibly important especially when teamed up with bounce rate.

If a website has a large Dwell Time, this signals that the site contains what the user needs

If the site has a High Bounce Rate, this suggests that it's not fulfilling the searchers need

Bounce rate and Dwell time go hand in hand. For example, a site with a high bounce rate but a long dwell time could suggest that the page contains all the answers the user needed so didn't require any engagement

How long users spend on your site lets Google know if
your site is fulfilling the searchers need and keeping them engaged

And because Google wants to show the most relevant and engaging content to the searcher this becomes even more important when comparing this metric to your competitors. Dwell time

  • Website A – Average time on site 3 mins (Most engaging)
  • Website B – Average time on site 9 secs

Bounce Rate

If searchers click a listing and spend only seconds on a site before clicking the back button then it tells Google the searcher didn’t find what they were looking for. It also increases the bounce rate (something we want to keep nice and low).

  • Website A – Low bounce rate
  • Website B – High Bounce Rate (Searcher didn’t find what they were looking for)

CTR Booster allows you to Increase Time on site & Reduce Bounce Rate
so that you Can control what Google gets to see

user behaviour signals

Google Looks at the way users react with your content in the same way it looks at how they react with your competitors so Send better Engagement signals to outrank them.

Mobile devices

After the Google Mobile first index update, making sure sites are optimized for mobile devices has become extremely important.

And being able to increase CTR, Time on Site, and User Behavioural Signals on both desktop as well as mobile devices has never been so important and critical.

CTR Booster allows you to perform both Mobile and Desktop device searches
leaving you in full control to pick and choose as you please

Google Maps

If you have a Google business map listing then you're going to love this feature.

CTR Booster allows you to search Google for your Local Keyword to locate your Google map listing. It will find your listing, click on it and then visit the website link. It then remains on the site and boosts ALL user behavioural signals.

CTRBooster Lets you Increase Google Map Click Through Rate &
Boost Local Business Rankings

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Sometimes a user will search Google and then visit a site. They won’t find what they are looking for so they will click the back button and then visit another site.

Google pogo stick

Google sees this "Pogo-Stick" like behaviour

CTR Booster comes with intelligent logic that performs a search for your keyword. It then visits one of your competitors for a very short duration before clicking the back button.

Then it locates your listing, visits it, and remains on your site for a duration of your choice scrolling around and visiting internal pages like a REAL Human.

This shows Google that the user found what they wanted when they visited your site but not when they visited your competitor. This leaves no doubt that your site satisfied and fulfilled the searchers need.

CTR Booster Comes with Intelligent Pogo Stick Search & Click Features That
Lets Google Know You Fulfilled The Searchers Needs

Human behaviour

When CTR Booster visits a site, it acts like a REAL human that identifies itself as using REAL Established Browsers and Mobile / Desktop Devices.

It will Scroll around your site, Click internal links, visit internal pages and let all tracking scripts and pixels load as they would with any regular visit.

CTR Booster Makes Every Visit look REAL & Natural as if being performed
by a REAL Human that’s sat behind their Computer or Mobile Device

Once a site starts to gain traction then searches for a Brand name and searches for the actual URL start to increase in Google.

Google suggest

Performing Brand name searches is a sure sign that your site is starting to get popular and being searched for by users.

'Google suggest' also shows the most frequently searched for keywords as you type.

CTR Booster allows you to perform Brand name searches to show a
Boost in Popularity & Helps You Influence Google Suggest

CTR Booster lets you perform searches inside of YouTube for ANY keyword of your choice.

YouTube CTR

It will search YouTube for your Keyword to find your video. It then clicks on it, Plays it and views it for a duration of your choice.

This allows you to boost the Click Through Rate for your videos inside of YouTube and boost engagement that helps RANK your videos even Higher for your Keywords.

CTR Booster also comes with the ability to perform direct video views that allow you to visit videos directly using referrers of your choice

CTR Booster Performs YouTube Search & Clicks AND Boosts the CTR for ANY Keyword
It will Boost Video Views, Watch Time & Engagement for ANY YouTube Video

Crowd Marketing

CTR Booster lets you submit your sites, properties and videos to a database controled by our server.

This brings members of CTR Booster together and allows them to perform Google Seach & Clicks (Both organic and map listings), YouTube Search & Clicks and direct Video views on each others behalf.

CTR Booster Brings Like Minded Users Together to Boost Organic Signals
for Maps, Websites and Videos Using ISP Level Ip’s

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CTR Booster Allows You to Perform ALL these Tasks

Google search & clicks for ANY Keyword :- Boost CTR, improve User engagement data and Increase websites ranking

YouTube Search & Clicks for ANY Keyword :- Boost CTR, Increase video hits and views and increase Video Ranking

Perform Local search & clicks for Google Maps :- Boost Local Map CTR, Increase user behaviour signals and Boost Local Business Results

Intelligent "Pogo-Stick" Search & Clicks that Visit competitors first (for a short time) before clicking the back button and then visiting your own listing:- Look like a real human, reduce bounce rates and boost Dwell time

Increase Time on site, scroll around your site and click internal links :- Boost CTR, improve User engagement data and Increase websites ranking

Boost Signals from Mobile and desktop devices :- Make searches look like they are being done from Mobile or desktop devices (an absolute must after the Google mobile first index update)

Get direct Video Views for durations of your choice :- Boost video views and watch time (perfect for getting & maintaining YouTube Min views requirement)

Boost Google Organic, Google Maps and YouTube CTR using ISP Level IP’s :- Having REAL users in the system Perform the searches and clicks for you

Here are some of the Powerful Features that come with CTR Booster:

  • Perform Google & YouTube Search and Click projects
  • Perform Google Map search and Click projects
  • Boost Mobile or Desktop signals
  • Add Multiple Keywords per a project
  • Select Google location
  • Works with up to 10 concurrent threads at a time
  • View the browser or make it invisible
  • Control duration of visit and video watch time
  • Control delays between searching pages
  • Ability to visit competitor first
  • Fully Optimized to work with proxies
  • Import/export projects
  • Get other members to Boost signals for your properties
  • Performs intelligent scrolling
  • Acts like a real human
  • Control daily limits, max limits, etc
  • Runs whilst minimized
  • And so much more

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Conservatively speaking, you could easily spend $500 or more to get all the functionality and capabilities that you get with CTR Booster.

Tap into the Power of CTR Booster For a Fraction of the Usual Price

Take advantage of our limited time Special pricing and get CTR Booster
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Note: This pricing is only available to a limited number of users! Once we fill our quotas
at this pricing, it will increase!

CTR Booster Expert

  • Boost CTR
  • Increase Time on Site
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • All features noted in Video

Usual Price $147

Only $97



We know some folks would like to try before making a firm commitment. We offer a full 30 day Refund Policy so you can check it out. But we know once you see CTRBooster and what it has to offer you'll never want to give it up.


   Are there any more expesnses to use CTRBooster?

There are no required expenses to work with this software itself however having access to proxies that work with Google will be needed.

It’s important the Google searches, clicks, and website visits look like they are being done by different users. For this reason, it's key to having access to proxies is required, But it's not just any old proxies. Ask us and we will tell you where we have found the best.

   Is using this software safe?

We have had some amazing results using this software and even provide best practice guides in the members area, and following the video training that are available to you as a member will make sure you get the best results possible

Using the software is totally safe by following the best practice video. It's been tested and proven to get the very best results.

   Does the Software require the Browser to be open?

No, the software has a setting that allows you to toggle the browser so that its visible or not visible. In the video demonstration, I show the browser in visible mode so that you can see the actions being performed.

But it's also possible to minimize the software to the system tray, and you won't even notice that its running and working away while you do other things.

   Will the Software work on a Windows VPS?

Yes, The software will work on a windows VPS that is setup with .net 4.0. We have a windows VPS ourselves, and we keep it running 24/7.

   What is the Refund Policy?

We offer a 30 days no quibble money back guarantee.

   Are Updates Included?

Standard updates are included free of charge.

   What are the System Requirements?

This will run on any Windows machine and requires .net 4.0 full version (free). If you would like to run this on a Mac then you will require Parallels or something equivalent.

   Are there any Video Tutorials?

Yes, we have a full line of training tutorials in the members area along with a video on Best practices that will show you exactly how to use the software to get Great Results.

   What If I need Support?

Getting support is easy! Simply email our support team and they will contact you back as soon as possible. We are in the office Mon - Fri 8AM - 5PM CST, but often answer much more than that, and you can usually get super quick support in the Facebook group.


Still Have Some Questions? Where Can I Send Them To?

You can reach us at [email protected]

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