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SEO is constantly changing and as professionals we need tools that can give us a leading edge.

CTR Booster is the one I like to call the "secret sauce."

Clicks to my Maps Listings through mobile, and from my web 2.0s to my money site, this is what the search engines are looking for.

Abbs and his team have made this tool so polished, you can set the times of the visits, the frequency and duration, even the Search engines themselves to create an authentic profile of clicks, its a set and forget system.

And what keeps me coming back to Abbs and his team is the support, its real. I recommend CTR Booster for SEO.

Carin Handsun

CEO, IWebResults
Digital Marketing Agency

Intelligent Pogo-Stick Google Search & Clicks
Google will Know you’re the Authority

Sometimes a user will search Google and then visit a site. They won’t find what they are looking for so they will click the back button and then visit another site.

Google sees this "Pogo-Stick" like behaviour

CTR Booster comes with intelligent logic that performs a search for your keyword. It then visits one of your competitors for a very short duration before clicking the back button.

Then it locates your listing, visits it, and remains on your site for a duration of your choice scrolling around and visiting internal pages like a REAL Human.

This shows Google that the user found what they wanted when they visited your site but not when they visited your competitor. This leaves no doubt that your site satisfied and fulfilled the searchers need.

CTR Booster Comes with Intelligent Pogo Stick Search & Click Features That

Lets Google Know You Fulfilled The Searchers Needs

Mimics REAL Human like Behaviour Using REAL Browsers & REAL Devices
(this software run on the Windows operating system)

See what others are saying

I have been using CTRBooster For quite a while now and it is an amazing tool.

If you have been trying to find a way to Boost your Websites Rankings and Visitor stats on Google Analytics then this tool is for you.

It's an amazing tool that allows you to schedule website "Visitors". Now bear in mind that these are not "real visitors" but in the eyes of google Analytics they are!

This clever tool "Mimics" google searches, and google loves to see Visitors to websites, it is one of the known factors in Google's search results rankings.

You can set this tool up to search Google for any keyword your site ranks for, and the tool goes off and carries out a search on Google, and when it finds you Website indexed for that Keyword it automatically clicks on to your Website and visits the page. But it does not end there, its scrolls around the page for a while and then goes off and clicks through to another page on your site!!

Simply Amazing… I am so pleased I got my hands on this "Baby" before my competitor!!

Geoff Lord